Tejas Shah's
Project Portfolio

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Drones Playing Laser Tag

March 2024

A game where two drones play laser tag with each other, where to first person to deplete their opponents health wins. Drone detection (virtual lasers since real laser diodes could get me in trouble) is done through computer vision with OpenCV. Interface is done with Pygame. This is also my senior design project for my undergraduate degree.


November 2023

Winner of "Best Hardware Hack" in the 2023 Cutie Hack Hackathon. R'Home allows you to control various aspects of your home. This inculdes unlocking/locking your front door, control the lights, and regulate the thermostat. There are also security features such as package detection and security cameras with facial recgonition. These features can be controlled with a website and voice commands with the Google Cloud API to add Google Assistant.

Automatic Yugioh Card Stats Bot

August 2023

A bot written in Python that automatically extracts card data name, card type, property, family, type, rarity, and price of the card and puts it all in a google spreadsheet when given the card ID.

Smart Home

May 2023

A smart home simulation that can control lights, door locks, garage doors, and temperature through a web interface or voice commands. Voice commands are done via Google Voice API and run on a Raspberry Pi. The website is locally hosted and sends data to the Pi via POST requests. Both the website and Pi connect to an Arduino which controls all of the house components.


March 2023

A solar powered auto-sorting trash can using computer vision and google cloud for real-time recyclable detection, integrated with a web server and Chat-GPT for waste management insights, and email notifications for trash can fullness. Won “First Place” and “Best Use of Google Cloud” out of 700+ participants in the 2023 Citrus Hack Hackathon.


March 2023

It's PONG, but the controls are done through this website and is read through a Raspberry Pi and send the readings to an Arduino, which has the display and other visuals for the players. Think of this as an arcade machine but the controls are done through this website.

S.P.A.M.S - Solar Power Alerting Messaging System

Nov 2022

A device that intended to be placed in remote areas and detects fire, carbon monoxide, and smoke and sends an alert to authorities if any sensores are triggered. Powered with a battery that is charged with attatched solar panels. An Arduino Uno controls the sensors, and a Raspberry Pi sends the messages to authorities. Written in Python (Raspberry Pi) and C++ (Arduino). Won "Best Hardware Hack" out of 500+ participants in the 2022 Cutie Hack Hackathon.


Sep 2021 - present

A Discord music bot written in Python. Takes in a query (does not have to be a link) and uses a web scraper (BeautifulSoup) to pull audio files from Youtube and/or Soundcloud. Self-hosted on a Raspberry Pi and has 5000+ hours of playback time.

Automatic Medicine

Nov 2021

Won "Best Hardware Hack" in the 2021 UCR Cutie Hack Hackathon out of 138 teams. Automatically dispenses correct medicine for the day of the week at a specific time. It uses sirvos with containers to dispense the required medicine down a chute. Built with a Raspberry Pi and written in Python.

Box of

Apr 2021

Solo winner of the “Best Hardware Hack” category in the 2021 CUNY Hackathon out of 600+ participants. Box of Help is a voice-activated device designed to contact the emergency contacts of people who are in a situation where they can’t call for help themselves. The project uses Google's Voice API for voice control and is powered using a Raspberry Pi and custom microphone and speaker modules. All code was written in Python.

Robotic Arm

Nov 2020

A simple three-joint planar robot designed to pick up objects with a gripper arm. The arm itself is controlled using three sirvo motors. The user operates the arm with a joystick and a digital touch sensor, and is controlled by an Arduino Uno with a script written in Python. My first personal hardware project.

Touchless Halloweeen
Candy Dispenser

Oct 2020

A contactless way of giving Halloweeen candy. There is a motion sensor to the left of the device which would activate a motor to dispense candy (like a gumball machine). Controlled using a Raspberry Pi with Python.


May 2020

Shoo is a 2D game where the player has to defend various objects from getting hit by the enemeis. Created using Unity Game Engine with C#.

Maze Run

Nov 2019

An Android and PC game where the player navigates through various mazes while avoiding the enemies chasing them down. Dozens of downloads from around the world. Features: Enemies are AI agents paired with NavMesh, allowing them to find the shortest path to the player. Custom music made by me. Custom assets made using Blender. Created using the Unity 3D Engine with C#.

Tree Dodge

March 2019

An endless runner where a tank has to dodge trees. Used custom assets, ability to save highest score, and change characters. Created using Unity Game Engine and C#. My very first CS project.